The great variety of native trees along this walk make it peculiarly interesting, and upon a sunny day, delightful by their grateful shade.

  On the walk you encircle the orange grove, passing when nearly back to the hotel, the luxurious log camp, "Coacooche" pronounced Coa-coo-chee, the indian name of the "Little Wild Cat," the great Seminole chief who lived, loved and made savage war along the Halifax and Tomoka Rivers.

The native wild animals and birds of prey in separate enclosures at various points along this stroll add much to its interest.

Extending the walk from the upper end of the grove, the odd little camps and habitations of Santa Lucia are all worthy of inspection, and each the visitor is made welcome: "Chaco Chulee" the "House of the Big Pine Tree";

Ormond Beach Historical Society.

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Tour by John McSwain