The best way to describe the Plantation is in John Anderson's own words.  John and his business partner Joseph Price, published a brochure around the turn of the century titled, "The Walks, Drives and Sails of ORMOND".  In the brochure they describe many scenic outings in the area of the Hotel.  One of them is the Santa Lucia Plantation.  The brochure says, 

  "Heavily laden with oranges and grapefruit, Santa Lucia Grove is in plain view from the veranda or front windows of the hotel, 

Santa Lucia Cottage standing close to the river bank in the corner of the grove and at the edge of the hotel grounds.

The shell walk under the grape arbor upon the high river bank along the front of the orange grove an easy and most enjoyable stroll, particularly in the morning, when the red birds, mocking birds and blue-jays are making merry among the orange trees, and in the dense foliage of the glossy green bays, and squirrels are chasing through the tops of the oaks.  The vine on the arbor is the scuppernong grape, the wine grape of Florida.

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Tour by John McSwain