In 1876, at the age of 23, John Anderson moved from Portland, Maine to the colony of New Britain with his friend Charles Fox at the bidding of his cousin Samuel Dow.  Dow had written John and said, "I have found God's country.  The hunting is good and the chances for a young man to show his grit and nerve were never better.  Come on!"

  The men quickly explored the area and found a piece of property on the peninsula that the owners were willing to sell.  The three men moved from the mainland over to their new property, and lived in a palmetto shack until they were able to complete a cabin that had been started by the original owners.

They named the cabin "Trapper's Lodge", and set about clearing the land around the lodge so that they could plant orange trees.  Dow and Fox returned north after some months, but John Anderson stayed on the property until his death in  1911.  John Anderson spent the years on the land improving it in many ways.  He gave part of it to build the Ormond Hotel.  On the acres north of the hotel on the river front, he built his Santa Lucia Plantation.

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