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Visit our Merchandise Shoppe at the MacDonald House, 38 E. Granada Blvd, to see our wide selection of historical books and novels, note cards, shirts and caps, DVD’s and seasonal merchandise.

And remember, OBHS members receive a 10% discount on all purchases. Out-of-town customers may order items shown below by phone, 386-677-7005, or email Total cost will include a charge for packaging and shipping.

Ormond Beach Historical Society Throw

One of our Biggest Sellers is our Ormond Beach Historic Sites Throw, available in the MacDonald House for $47.95 plus tax.

The historical books listed below are our best sellers, but we offer more than 30 historical books, novels and children’s books at the MacDonald House.

Please visit us to see our complete selection; take time to browse our offerings!

A Land Remembered Book

A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith……….$14.95

This novel portrays three generations of a family, from Crackers to real estate tycoons, showing the pioneer spirit to survive against all odds.

Greetings from Ormond Beach, Florida

Greetings from Ormond Beach, Florida by Donald Spencer……….$24.95

Local author and postcard collector Spencer’s book tells the story of Ormond Beach with postcards.

I Swear The Snook Drowned

I Swear the Snook Drowned by Dan Smith……….$10.95

Area fisherman Dan Smith tells of many of his fishing exploits.

The Life and Times at The Casements

John D. Rockefeller, His Life and Times in Ormond, Florida by Alice R. Howell……….$14.95

Alice Howell tells about Rockefeller’s winters in Ormond, from 1914 until his death in 1937.

keyLimeCookin Book

Key Lime Cookin’  by Joyce LaFray ……….$8.95

This book contains hundreds of recipes, from appetizers to drinks, main courses and desserts.

Ormond Beach Historic Places

Ormond Beach Historic Places by Ronald L. and Alice R. Howell……….$19.95

This book is a postcard history of Ormond Beach.

Our Place in History

Our Place in History: Ormond Beach, Florida by Ronald L. Howell……….$14.95

Ronald Howell provides an illustrated history and timeline of Ormond Beach historical events.

The Grand Hotel Ormond

The Grand Hotel Ormond by Ronald L. and Alice R. Howell……….$14.95

Ronald and Alice Howell tell the story of the Hotel Ormond, built by John Anderson and Joseph Price, and opening January 1, 1888.

The World’s Greatest Beach

The World’s Greatest Beach by Dan Smith……….$14.95

Dan Smith tells the story of our Ormond and Daytona beaches, from the first beach race trials in Ormond to driving, partying and just enjoying our famous beach.


We offer a variety of shirts and hats depicting Ormond history and auto racing events. Shirts and hats are $12.00 each, tax included.

Stop in to see them; we change the selection often.

We have porcelain Christmas Ornaments showing the Anderson-Price Memorial Building for $12.95.

And coming soon, a Christmas ornament of the MacDonald House!

Porcelain Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Pin

New for Christmas 2017!

A Florida Ornament, available now at the MacDonald House for $18.95 + tax.

See our great postcard selection of local Florida scenes, 20 cents each!


You can select historical area prints from photo albums at the MacDonald House; we’ll order prints for you. Priced according to size and color vs. black and white.