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Watchtower 2016

WW II Watchtower Story

Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 44, called Flotilla 1-3 during World War II, manned the lookout tower in Ormond by the Sea around the clock as they searched the coast for German submarines. Such “watchtowers” were built up and down the eastern coast of the United States to guard against invasions. By May of 1942 180 vessels had been sunk. The Auxiliary responded to aid the sinking vessels and rescued those who were forced to abandon. At times people on the beach could see these U-boat engagements.

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Granada Bridge Sunset

Bridges over the Halifax

I stand at the corner of Granada Boulevard and South Beach Street, ready to walk over the high clearance concrete bridge. There is a nice pedestrian lane and a bike lane ahead of me. This bridge opened in 1983 when The Florida State Department of Transportation widened Florida State Road 40 (Granada Boulevard). This bridge is part of the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail, designated such in 2007. But once upon a time, three other bridges spanned these beautiful waters.

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